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Only half of shots have recoil in SP (weapon resting mods and VAS)
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Since this update, only every other shot has recoil in singleplayer (works fine online), firing results in this example (this only occurs in VTS weapon resting TMR mod, or Virtual Ammobox script but essentially breaks weapon resting and weapon firing ):

One shot = recoil

next shot = none

repeat ad infinitum

This makes full auto very weird, with a strange "bucking" in weird intervals that feel neither realistic nor comfortable.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up singlelayer mission with any of the aforementioned mods or scripts
  1. Get any semi auto or full auto weapon rapid semi auto shots or bursts of full auto

Additional Information

Good thing this update was released or else I might be able to host games and have guns work properly.

These mods remedied the sore, sore, obvious, foolish lack of weapon resting in the game, but the update has appeared to mess them up seriously.

Also the very popular and useful VAS script is also damaged.

*Addendum, here is a link to a video demonstration of glitch (thanks to Youtube and BIS Forum user "Coulumful"):

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Is it reproducible without any mods?

Goomer added a subscriber: Goomer.May 7 2016, 6:48 PM

I have not had it happen without mods. VTS_WeaponResting or TMR Modular Realism (because it has a weapon resting feature). HLC_Core and it's weapon packs allegedly also do it.

Question to me is then: can the mod authors fix it?

N3croo added a subscriber: N3croo.May 7 2016, 6:48 PM

From what i've seen this is bound to the MX-series has nothing to do with mods and nothing to do with SP.
Also they haven't addressed this or one of the 2 duplicates (mine is 2014-06-18 21:45) of this glitch yet.

To put it in civilized manner: This is a stable Branch and there's a major Issue with a Main weapon series and ALL weapons are affected by the sway glitch once you pass over any obstacle (e.g.:stairs) your gun will bounce like crazy while moving.

@N3croo I put in alot of work isolating this issue, it is only present with said mods in singleplayer, and applies to all semi auto and/or full auto capable weapons. This is absolutely, in my instance, tied to mods. Perhaps another, different circumstance is causing it for you since it seems to apply differently. I suggest you figure out your particular cause and report that as separate.

@Fireball The modders didn't break it, BI did, therefore at the very least BI and you could explain the changes that caused this in detail to modders to see what they must change to accommodate.

Of course, you could just officially add weapon resting into the game, but BI seems to want to ignore this glaring shortcoming for some reason. Even though modders have shown that overall it is easy to implement.

The weird thing is why does it apply only in singleplayer?

Link to video demonstration of glitch (thanks to Youtube and BIS Forum user "Coulumful"):

I got the very same issue as shown in your video, without mods and in MP and SP alike. And if you read carefull i told there are 2 dups and one of those is mine admittedly i got you confused by giving the wrong link.

note: i got CBA A5 and SpeedOfSound installed but can replicate this bug without mods ON. It may not occur everytime you load in SP for me atleast. Although i had it always when i connected in MP

Turns out having VAS in a SP mission also causes it.

Can repro with ALL weapons and NO addons. (SP, Editor)

this problem has been fixed on Dev version and will be part of the next Stable update.

Thank you, have a nice day.

Thank you. When will this stable update go live?

StJimmy added a subscriber: StJimmy.May 7 2016, 6:48 PM

Well there's still bug in devbranch that when you quickly turn and shoot the second shot doesn't have any recoil. It only seems to happen on the second shot and not after that like in this ticket. Maybe need a new ticket for that one?

Thank you for input, Iceman. But this game breaking problem needs a hotfix ASAP. Can we expect something anytime soon ? I can't play since 1.22 "-stable-"