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Addon Builder has deleted my entire modfolder
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Addon Builder has deleted my entire modfolder.
One second it was there, the next PUFF it's all gone.
The only thing i did was change the Addon prefix in the options tab trying to find another way to solve ANOTHER bug, hit the "pack" button and it was all gone.
I tried to retrieve it but it has just disappeared entirely from my computer.
What has been deleted of the whole P: drive is just MY personal data with the mods i was working on, the remaining tools files and unpacked A3 data seem to be ok.

There are no words to describe how mad i am right now and there is litterally no excuse from BIS part for such PISS POOR job with one of the instruments that SUPPOSEDLY should keep this game alive for days to come.
This has been nothing but a huge disappointment from day one, filled with all sorts of crazy bugs to the point the community is FORCED to use community made tools to do what tools made by DEVELOPERS couldn't.
I'm sorry for this rant but you might understand the frustration of seeing your work disappear into thin air.
At least i have backups from a few days ago so not everything is lost.


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Compile the fields of addon builder with source and destination directory
Put the following into the list of files to copy directly:
In addon prefix put P:\*yourmoddirectory*
Leave the rest untouched
Watch as the BIS magician tools make your entire modfolder disappear

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P is only a psuedo of mydocs /armawork folded ,, all your work should still be there unless you set up armawork on a diff drive
Do a search for armawork on ya pc

I know how the P: drive works, with the new tools it's a copy of the Arma 3 Tools folder inside steam.
I checked there as well but it wasn't there either.

Not always if you use a community bat file but u checked so not that of course

Only other thing is maybe you put temp folder is p:\ yourmodirectory and click clear temp files

I do have the clear temp files option ticked however the temp folder is the default one:


I'm really sorry for your troubles. Issue is fixed now. Should be released next week. Sorry once again for this stupid bug.

Thank you for your time!
At least my ticket was worth something.