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Update 1.22 - supply crates model center is offset 12m
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Since last update (1.22) supply crates model center is offset about 12m above the model itself.

This isn't a major issue but it causes some commands such as near/nearestObjects and nearEnteties to not register the correct position of the box.

Not sure if this is a bug or feature...


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Steps To Reproduce

Open editor.

Place one of the supply crates with init:
diag_log format ["Pos: %1", this modelToWorld [0,0,0]];

The output will be something along the lines of: [x, y, 12.something].

Additional Information

Current workaround if you want to use nearObjects etc. with these kinds of boxes is to use
_pos nearObjects sqrt(13^2+radius^2)
where radius is the same you would have used pre-1.22.

Once you have the list you can compare the actual positions using getPos and distance commands instead.

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Added more info on my workaround.

Should be fixed in current version of dev branch. Could you please check it and let me know? Thanks!

Confirmed, modelToWorld now returns z = 0.892423.

Ticket can be closed, huzzah!

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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