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hideObject and hideObjectGlobal cause any non-infantry vehicle to stop moving
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If used on any vehicle that is not a single infantry unit hideObject(Global) true will cause the vehicle to stop moving, while motor sound is still running.

It won't stop infantry units from moving.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place vehicle with (several) move WPs in editor. Give it a name.
  2. Start mission, use debug console to hideObject the vehicle. Observe vehicle stopping.
  3. HideObject false and observe vehicle moving again.

Repeat procedure with infantry (will work) or other vehicles.

Additional Information

If it's used on a helicopter powering up the entire procedure is played but the helicopter does not take off.

CanMove and simulationEnabled return both true.

Fuel is not used up.

This has not been tested on all vehicles but with helicopters, armored and UAV.

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Iceman, could I get an update whether this is working as intended or a bug? Thanks.

The issue is assigned to programmers internally so it is a bug and will be solved

Possibly related: Commands do not work on AI units in vehicle (such as enableSimulation/hideObject/disableAI)

Issue in this ticket may of been "Driver" discovered by Wolfenswan:

  • if(_x != leader _this && {!(isPlayer _x)} && {!("Driver" in assignedVehicleRole _x)}) then { //doesn't work, driver is cached

+ if(_x != leader _this && {!(isPlayer _x)} && {!("driver" in assignedVehicleRole _x)}) then { //works, driver isn't cached

Are there any news on this?