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cursorTarget returns null inside buildings
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CursorTarget function returns null when targeting something inside a building. This is VERY URGENT as it destroys Life missions with NPCs located inside buildings.


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Place AI inside a building. Run a command like "hint str cursorTarget" and you'll get NULL-object. Seems to happen in 90% of building classes.

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works for me on todays dev

Paratus added a subscriber: Paratus.May 7 2016, 6:46 PM

Did you try several buildings? Some seem ok, while others are broken. It's the same for everyone on the server, too.

PS: The NPC/AI that was having this issue also had allowDamage false and enableSimulation false, in case one might be related.

Should be fixed in current version. Issues caused by will be solved in that bug. Marking this one as resolved. Thanks for feedback!

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