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Buldozer spawns out of map borders and crashes
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Until yesterday buldozer was working fine, now everytime i try to open buldozer normally it instantly crashes.
Apparently the selection box is spawned in the middle of nowhere outside of map boundaries (coords 2525,1,2925) and makes the game crash instantly without even attempting to load any objects.
However, if i choose to run Buldozer as streamed, it starts normally, even though the selection tool still spawns out of boundaries in the location mentioned before.


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could you please provide exact repro steps how to make the crash happen? We cannot reproduce it on our data. Thank you.

Ok, i'll explain myself better.
I have a small map, 2048x2048m, with roughly 20'000 objects (of which 17k are plants) as of now.
Until a few days ago buldozer was loading fine, then it just stopped working out of the blue.
I tried to reboot my pc several times, load previous savings, still no results.
A few moments ago it was still doing that.
I went into my library, hid all the plants, started buldozer with just 3'000 objects on map and it started flawlessly.
Went back into my library, set all the plants to "show", restarted buldozer and the issue seems to have fixed itself.
I can't give you any more detail because there really isn't anything else to it.
One minute it was working, the next it wasn't.
If there's something more i can do let me know, thanks.

This issue is not about TerrainBuilder, but Buldozer side. We already know what's wrong. Patch will be released soon

Well good to know, thanks.

should be fixed since DEV. 125466 and will be distributed tomorrow

Can you guys confirm the fix?

unfortunately i can't test it right now because my entire modfolder was deleted some time ago and i lost the map i was working on.