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Attachment Zeroing UP/DOWN - Zoom/FOV/Sound/FPS Bugs
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A: Pressing the ZERO UP button on certain attachment sights causes a white out/Blue out FPS drop and complete loss of sound and FPS drop to ~6 FPS.

B: Pressing the ZERO DOWN button on certain attachment sights causes an extreme Zoom/FOV often clipping through what I believe is the characters head.

It can only be corrected by:

  1. Changing to secondary sights and back.
  2. Removing and replacing the sight through inventory.
  3. Switching fire mode, temporarily fixes it however the previous fire mode 'holds on' to the bugged view/zoom/FOV so switching back to single shot, for example, returns the problem. {F24062}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip any weapon with a sight attachment that doesn't technically support weapon zeroing e.g. ARCO, ACO Reflex.
  2. With scopes up press Zero up or Zero down.

Expected: Nothing should happen.
Observed: Odd scope behaviour described above.

Possible reason:
Scope is attempting to zero to 0 but is not supported thus creating a strange/buggy zoom and FOV.

Additional Information

HUD is still available in both cases, and Alt-Tabbing out of the game temporarily fixes the issue until you press scopes up once more.

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Please Note the '0' on the zeroing part of the HUD, in the attached screenshot.

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Reproduced in latest dev build.

thank you for reporting the issue. We were aware of it and it was fixed in r. 124856.
Thank you.

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