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BattlEye Corruption - Data
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So, I've decided to join any random server for a good time of multiplayer, then I get this error from my BattlEye client.
Any Idea on how to fix?
I have used "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" button, but it still has not resolved the issue, then I got the BE client downloaded and replaced the one that was in my Arma 3 folder, but THAT didn't work either, I do not know where the actual location I should post this but here is better than anywhere else at the moment. {F24051}


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As far as I know, I don't think too many people would have this problem, but all I need to do is join a server and then I get that error message. =/

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Today I've seen a lot of people wiht this issue.

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sorry for inconveniences, Battle Eye is third-party anti-cheat software. I recommend to contact them directly.
More here:
Thank you.

Heads up: Verifying steam cache seemed to help. Alternatively, updating BE manually also seems to solve the issue.

This thread had some comments about it from BE developer:

With $able's advice, I managed to resolve it by not using Steam server browser. Using it produced a kick in 90% of the cases.

@mp5gosu: are you certain the manual BE update fixed this for you?

edit. nevermind. I can't seem to get kicked anymore. Something has fixed it.

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