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"BIS_fnc_isCurator " doesn't work
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BIS_fnc_isCurator doesn't work, because it checks the wrong variable.

The function is:

private ["_curator"];
_curator = [_this,0,objnull,[objnull]] call bis_fnc_param;
gettext (configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> typeof _curator >> "simulation") == "curator"

But it should be: ("displayName" insted of "simulation")

private ["_curator"];
_curator = [_this,0,objnull,[objnull]] call bis_fnc_param;
gettext (configfile >> "cfgvehicles" >> typeof _curator >> "displayName") == "curator"

So every script, function, ect which uses BIS_fnc_isCurator doesn't work correctrly.
Because of that also the SEIZE and DEFEND Gameplay-Modules don't work with the configuration listed in SHOW-INFO


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call the function on a Currator-Logic or try to set up a defend or seize game-mode. You will always get an error message

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I'm on actual dev-branch and sorry for my english

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The condition is correct, it is supposed to check for 'simulation' attribute.
Not sure why you suggest 'displayName', but since it's different in every language, it cannot be used for comparison.

The function works as intended, it returns true when called on Zeus module, false when called on anything else.

Hm, but why do i get an error, when i use the size or defend modules? Look at this ticket 0019236.

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