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Steerable parachute (simulation="paraglide") forces player to perform "WeaponOnBack" action after landing
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When player ejects from parachute they enter forced animation queue of "WeaponOnBack" action, even when they don't have primary weapon. This looks stupid, it locks player from doing anything for several seconds and extremely frustrating. All my attempts to stop this by switchMove, switchAction, playAction, playActionNow failed, there is no reliable way to stop player from this as of now. This hardcoded behavior should be removed by either:
a) Just remove this behavior after leaving paraglide simulated vehicles.
b) Add a scripting command to clear action\animation queue (switchMove "", switchAction "", etc. doesn't help).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor on any map
  2. Place any playable unit
  3. Preview the mission
  4. Open main menu and execute this code in the debug console:

_p = getPos player; _p set [2, 30]; player moveInDriver (createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", _p, [], 0, ""]);

  1. Land and observe awful non-skipable animation.

Try with unit with no weapons to observe that unit still does animation for primary weapon even though there is no primary weapon.

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fix should be already merged into DEV version