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You can drive karts without having bought the karts DLC
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found this while playing Arma 3


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Karts DLC
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Goto editor > place Zeus > when you are in the Zeus menu place a kart > place someone in the kart (guy/unit) > and then press ''remote control'' > :)

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In the editor you can directly place a kart as playable/player and use it, although if you get out you won't be able to get in.
And although I haven't tried, there are probably dozens more ways and scripts that would let you skip the restrictions.

tommack added a subscriber: tommack.May 7 2016, 6:40 PM

I don't think it is a bug... I think its good for advertising. When I saw the update, i immediately went into the editor to see what it was like, even though I hadn't bought anything yet. I messed around and thought, "you know what... for £1.19, ill get it." So i did! And thoroughly enjoyed the challenges, so i am building my own mission with them included. - Tom M, doing the ARMA PR's job for them.

Also, if you read this [] it outlines how they will be pushing DLC to people. Its actually a very clever system. Everyone will have the content in their game files but will only be able to unlock the full potential through purchasing.

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 6:40 PM

this is not a bug


thank you for your feedback, this behaviour is intended. For more info about our DLC strategy, please read

Thank you very much.

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