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Character clipping because of rotation axis.
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Player-controlled characters often get stuck in walls due to the position of the rotation axis (slightly below the head rather than at the feet).
This results in characters getting stuck in walls or other objects when turning in confined spaces such as rooms. Clearing rooms (transitioning from having the wall on one side to having it at one's back) becomes difficult and very glitch-prone. {F24006} {F24007} {F24008} {F24009}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Place a playable/player character in the editor.
2.Place yourself near a building (preferably with interiour).
3.Place yourself as closest as possible to the wall while having it on one of your sides.
4.Slowly rotate your character until the wall is at your back without moving away from it.

  1. Note half the body/legs sticking into the wall.
Additional Information

Included are pictures of the common (and sometimes game-breaking) clipping issues as well as a comparison between clipping issues between the current axis (head when with rifle) and the old one (feet when with pistol).

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Bumping. Also would like to know the reason why the axis was moved.

StJimmy added a subscriber: StJimmy.May 7 2016, 6:39 PM

Community wasn't enough loud about this. It causes huge amount of cliping and stuck issues. The axis was moved somewhere in the alpha or beta and I stil wonder and curse why they kept it.

I think you can read about this in some SITREP but it was so long time ago so I can't remember when it was changed.

I was able to find this link when the transition of axis from feet to head was in progress.
In it you can see the vast differences.
Axis when holding a rifle: head.
Axis when holding a pistol: feet.

DevBranch Changelog is located here:
"Assigned new style collision envelopes to movement with rifle. This should fix several issues with clipping, sticking and walking through walls. Also improves character handling, as the rotation axis is now moved under characters head, instead of it's feet. Pistol envelopes remain old-style for comparison, but will shortly follow."

Bump. The new rotation axis is the source of all clipping-related issues and presents a downgrade in gameplay quality.

Example: when trying to go around corners, your character ends up standing far outside its cover when you're just aiming slightly towards the end of the wall.

Would like to hear at least a moderator's opinion on this.

Updating and bumping.

This needs more visibility than it's being given as it's a very gameplay-breaking bug.
Game modes such as KotH would be twice as enjoyable if this can of worms was shut.

Bump (? if that even works here...)
I think this really is a problem and I would at least hear from someine at BI why they did this in the first place... as the Changelog posted above says it is to fix clipping issues... but IMO just creates more...

This has been fixed. The change is already in Dev Branch, however, it will take some time for it to appear in Stable (probably 1.48).

Many thanks, Iceman!
This is related to (or maybe the other way around) but both are about the same issue (sorry about that!). If you could perhaps close the other or add/relate it to this one, that'd be grand.

There's more user-supplied information about the issue on the other ticket, but that's the only difference.

Again, thank you very much. Hope I was of some help.

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Please actually fix this issue.

From what I can tell this isn't fixed in dev-branch 1.49.131612 (Please confirm). Has there been a regression? I also couldn't find it in the changelog but I don't know when it was supposedly fixed and may not have looked close enough.

Can't reopen the issue but can confirm.

As of 28.07.2015 (date, not version), the problem persists and is NOT FIXED.

Not fixed in 1.48

It is now finally resolved in dev-branch. Here's hoping for 1.50.

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We are really sorry to disappoint you - it won't stay in for the 1.50 patch, but we're still on it, we'll put it back in the dev branch after the release and 1.52 should hopefully finally include as good solution as we can do it within the current limitations.

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