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The vehicle radar doesn't work in ground vehicles.
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Hi, I recognized that the radar doesn't work for me in ground vehicles like a Slammer or a Kuma lately, neither in commander nor in gunner seat.
(The radar UI will show up but no enemy/empty markers will show on it)

This happens in multiplayer sessions as well as in a self created editor scenarios.

Whereas in helicopters radar just works fine for me.
Thus the problem is also not based on view distance or obejct detail graphic settings since the radar works in helicopters.

I also checked the difficulty settings and set em to regular. No changes...


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set yourself a tank in the editor.
  2. Put some random enemy and empty vehciles around you in a 4km radius.
  3. The radar UI will show up but no enemy/empty markers will show on it.
Additional Information

This problem seems to only occur on my machine since I asked a few people in multiplayer and their radar worked fine.

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There is no radar on given tank, that is the reason your tank doesn't show enemy units on the radar. This is intended situation, your friends in MP probably had vehicles with radar (AA vehicles). Closing as not a bug.

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