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#including preDefinedparams on dedicated servers causes crash due to differing function_f_epX.pbos
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Using the preDefined parameters ( causes a dedicated server instance to crash as it can't find the intended path. {F23969}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a simple mission using any of the predefined parameters.
  2. Put the mission on a dedicated server and try to load it.
  3. Server will crash.

See attached archive for example mission.

Additional Information

When comparing the function_f_epX.pbos it tries to access you'll notice varying filesizes. The client versions have 450+kb, the server version less than 100kb.

I haven't de-pboed them but I assume they were created with server-only functionality in mind and when the preDefined parameters were added this was forgotten about.

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thank you for reporting the ticket. This issue has been fixed meanwhile. Could you please confirm it on current Steam Dev? I am not experiencing any crashes.

Thank you very much!

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