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What Happened to old Arma 3 pre-alpha lighting?
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At E3 2012 they showed off some of Arma 3s lighting which looked amazing. It also appeared in the Arma 3 Alpha but was removed for some reason. Here is the Arma 3 Alpha change log where they removed it from the game:

As you can see from the link above there were lots of lighting/environmental 'tweaks' that removed them completely.

Please add them back to the game as it would be much appreciated (Or as TOMMEH discussed in his ticket to just simply add it as a graphics option.)

Some links to some early Arma 3 videos:

Here you can also see the flash light lens flare was removed:

The Arma 3 2013 sneak preview trailer: {F23965} {F23966} {F23967}


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The current lighting is unrealistic when looking DIRECTLY at the light. The blinding effect and "Snowflake" or "Halo" around the light is caused when the light shines directly on your eyes. A combination of moisture and refraction, along with the contrast between the light and the dark environment, causes this effect. How it should be implemented is that the effects shown in the photos above should only happen when the light shines on your face (Just have the same thing as the Sun has when you look at it). Otherwise the lights are fine, because there will be no "Halo" effect when the lights do not shine in your eyes.


Upvoted and need to say that those effects were at some point on Alpha an,d later they disappear. I see them with the lighthouses.

Probably worthy of a different ticket, but the current lighting engine is hopelessly limited. Fire a few flares over Agia Marina on Stratis and the town's lights go off. Fly over Kavala, and only half the town has lights at any point in time.

When a lot of people have lasers or flashlights on, some hard limit is run into and other people can't turn them on.

Even IR grenades cause distant lights to flicker.

SuicideKing - apply "ultra" setting for dynamic light in video options (under HDR). But its really truth - there is some limit of lights, and overall quality of lighting was decreased. Why they didnt give us a option to turn lens flares off/on in options? Or to set arma 2 clouds? Wasnt that better solution to mkae everyone happy? I dont know who is director of arma project, but i think he is not right person to make decisions on design of the arma. That only my humble opinion - wrong priorities, ignorantion of some bugs (that are really gamebreaking) and creating sensless stuff like car customization.......