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[Request] Server switch Function or Scripting Command
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Hello Bohemia,
i have a nice idear for an script command or function. I also think it must
be posible to do this.
Could you make an command/function let an client connect to an other Server?
The advantage of this would be that you can maybe write an gamemode works
with multiply maps or difrent parts of an map. For example Altis Life: You
could have one Server for each greater City so you could better use the
Ressources of each Server.
It would be very nice to hear from you about this idear and maybe you could
make this idear happen.


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Search the CIT on sendAUMessage for the state of it and the context it was made.

Thanks .kju I found nothing.

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Ok, well this isn't something I searched for. I want a command you can connect to an other server with, not only send an message. For example:
The command could be "ClientConnectTo" with parameters ip and port and can only executed if not is Server, like this:

_ip = anyIP;
_port = 2302;

ClientConnectTo [_ip,_port];


And if you execute this you will be automaticly connected to this Server. There could also be an Command for "isServerFull" (returns true or false also returns false if Server is not reachable)

_ip = anyIP;
_port = 2302;
if((!isServer) AND (!isServerFull[_ip,_port]))then

ClientConnectTo [_ip,_port];


Why is this not voted up? It's a great idea!

Its already on the ToDO List of the Devs there was somewhere a list of Functions