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[Solved]WRP not Binarised during Packing
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WRP is not Binarised whilst using AddonBuilder
Size in Pre and Post Binarisation of Terrain.wrp is same in KB
Tested multiple ways of setting P:drive but for consistency i report on method perscribed by default.


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Steps To Reproduce

Run Steam as Administrator
Prepare Virtual P: Drive
Run AddonBuilder Via Steam and or Via exe as Administrator
Pack as normal and Binarised box Ticked
Unbinarised WRP
No Roads (all files present in pbo)
Slow Load at Editior
Depbo with Mikero tools check pre and Post Binary size = same.

Confirm Every other File that is not in the exeption is binarised.

Edit fixed see note

Additional Information

Happened since Tools Update of April 10th or around.

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My terrain Config was formulated on from Dev in tools v0:58 and the core config didnt spit any errors ;
however after update of tools Version 0.62
Problem was due to :
Version 0.62

Updated: New versions of core config files

Call stack:

Stack 0030D098 0034D098
mapfile: .map (empty 1)

SO my congif was now spitting too many errors and so wrp just not binned but copy direct unbinned
Updated My terrain config to be compatible based on errors in Bin log and all id ok now WRP Binarises

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