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Clients get thrown up by destroyed buildings (\w repro and video)
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Buildings that can be partially destroyed cause clients to get thrown up in the air to their death. Additionally ragdolls sometimes get stuck in their ruins and provide massive FPS drop, down to 2-3 FPS. Another associated bug is that it sometimes showhow causes left sound channel to go mute but sound muting happens extremely rarely and there is no clear repro for it.

Repro mission and repro steps for throwing in air and FPS drops attached. {F23922}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached buggedbuildings_repro.Altis mission with 2 players in non-dedicated environment (works in dedicated too)
  2. Player 2 (Client) approaches offices build ahead and plants 1 explosive right near the edge of it.
  3. Player 2 (Client) gets back a little and blow explosive up causing first edge of the building get destroyed and then entire building go down. If building didn't get destroyed or Player 1 didn't see edge of it destroyed then you should restart the repro.
  4. From now on any non-host players walking inside the building will get thrown up in the air to their death. Should affect vehicles too.
  5. Sometimes player ragdolls get stuck in the ruins and cause terrible FPS drops which is observable in the video. Happens randomly so keep dying until FPS drop occurs.


Additionally one player reported that he had left sound channel going mute during testing after building got blown up. We didn't manage to reproduce it but considering that we often hear such feedback about left channel going mute it might be connected to this bug somehow.

Additional Information

Been actual since at least beta. Related ticket with info about muting left sound channel: #18369

Another interesting thing worth mentioning is the red chain in bottom right corner. Mission doesn't have anything going on apart from respawning and replacing backpack inventory contents on respawn. Red chain appears all the time, likely with more players online (2 players + host in the video)

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Hi Samatra,

thanks for reporting this problem. We are aware of it for some time but your repro and video brings new light to this bug. Let's hope it leads to fixing soon.

Thank you!


the issue has been fixed, could you please confirm on Steam Dev 1.19.124318 and higher? Thank you very much, your ticket helped us a lot to determine where the problem was.

have a nice day!

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 6:34 PM

Did a test, seems to be fixed. Thanks.

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