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Give The Gunship Pilot Controls for Free Fire Rockets
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I was flying the Mi-48 Kajman, and my friend was gunner. It's not the first time, but i've had situations where i as forced to line my HUD up with a target, and attempt to notify my teammate exactly when to fire a rocket, and how many to fire. This is not good at all. I'm certain in real life, this isn't how it is done either, just seeing how hard it is to even kill infantry with the Gunner controlling Free Fire Rockets (Skyfire's). As for the AH-99 Blackfoot, those are guided rockets, so that is a different story.


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Join a game, or create one with your team mate, make sure you have targets to shoot at, being moving vehicles or infantry. Go up, line up with the target with your gunner equipped with Free Fire rockets. Now line up the hud with your target, and tell your gunner to fire, and how many whenever you feel you have a good shot. Notice how tedious the task is, and evaluate the aftermath.

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It's already been reported, but I'm too lazy to find the ticket.

I am really quite confused as to why BI did this. The gunner can't even see which way the rockets will go unless he exits the sight mode.

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It is working quiet nicely in dev patches in Arma 2:). Was also quiet suprised about this.

I mean, it cant be that hard right? =(

Either that or do what they did in Arma 2, they had Different HINDS, one had bombs, and missles, while the pilot controlled a fixed cannon, and S-8 rockets.

It just doesn't make sense to have the gunner fire forward-fixed weapons. It's too hard for the pilot and gunner to coordinate the shots. The gunner doesn't even have a means of aiming the rockets, the only way to know is to stop looking down the optic and going into cockpit view. it's just a bad design.

It is imperative that this be implemented in the Helicopter DLC.

Are we gonna get this?
The gunner goes crazy when ordered to fire, it keeps switching between weapons as soon as there's a slight chance of making a hit with skyfires, even if he's ordered to use cannon.
It's just a matter of litterally moving two lines in a config, it can't be that hard.

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This setup renders a pilot a pure driver, which ends up a extremely boring experience - hovering in the sky watching the gunner pwning with his missiles and cannons.

I'm good at helicopter maneuvering. I can do circle strafe at my finger tips. (And it's pretty fancy, I promise.) Being unable to fire unguided rockets has taken away a lot of fun from flying attack helicopters for me. I'd have continued flying in BF3 if I had known piloting an attack helicopter in ArmA 3 would be like this.

So, please do fix this issue in the helicopter DLC.

Agreed, it should definitely be in the helicopter DLC. Arma II's patch fixed this and it made all my dreams come true. Please don't disappoint us BI!

3 and a half months have passed and not a single developer showed his face to at least give us a reasonable explanation why they clearly don't want to give us this.

I ended up solving this on my own with a small mod but it's not the same as having it implemented in game.

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Hey, thanks for the report. Unfortunately this is currently impossible because it would also require teaching the AI how properly deal with these responsibilities and pilot/gunner coordination.

Thanks for your reply!

Can we at least make it possible for PvP multiplayer?

so... is this going to be fixed eventually?
the game has been out for over a year and a half now.

Wait wait, Oukej, your telling me the AI in Arma 3 can't handle this feature, but the AI in Arma 2 can? How does that make any sense, their the same AI aren't they? In the AH-1 Viper in Arma 2 the rockets are for the pilot, gunner handles everything else. So why is it changed in Arma 3?

They now have this implemented in Hostile Takeover servers. This is ridiculious. Please fix the small errors that hamper realistic situations in the game before overhauling existing, non broken features. This is one of them, and the aftermath of rolling a helicopter on the ground is another.