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DMS scope, weird implementation.
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I'm confused as to why you can zero it at various ranges.
It's pretty much the same as a PSO scope right? -- You have your "range-scale-determining-thingy" to the side, then you have your dot and your wedges representing the different ranges on the scale to the side.

What is the point of the wedges when you're not going to use them?

This is a step back from Arma 2 where this kind of thing was implemented flawlessly.

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Slap a DMS scope on your gun.
Behold the silliness of zeroing on a zero-less sight.

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You can zero DMS scope because you can zero PSO-1 scope in real life.

When you use PSO-1, you use the top wedge and elevation knob when you shoot at distances less than 1000m (you set the distance at 400m for example, and then you aim with the top wedge).

The lower wedges are only used to shoot at distances 1100m, 1200m and 1300m (you set the distance at 1000m, then you use the top wedge for 1000m and the lower ones for 1100m, 1200m and 1300m correspondingly).

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I wish someone would make a short guide about the use of this on youtube or something.. I can't seem to get accurate shots with it either. I'm not sure if the amount of zoom also has something to do with the zeroing..

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The amount of zoom has nothing to do with zeroing.

If you want to use DMS (or any other scope actually) follow the next steps:

  1. Acquire distance (you can use either DMS's parabolic rangefinder or vertical hash marks (angle between them is 1 mil)).
  2. Set the distance in your scope.
  3. Fire (use the top wedge (it's colored green) for aiming in case of DMS).
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The Pso-1 also zeroes.

Pso-1 zeroes up to 1000m on the elevation turret the chevrons then after are for rough I mean really rough guesses for shots past 1000m. I really truly mean rough since the quality of 7.62x54r varies so much.

So no the pso-1 scope was not done flawlessly in Arma 2.