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update 1.18
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since the update yesterday i can't play multiplayer on server.
Error message: Connection failed.
Game is authorized in my firewall.
It's just since the update.
Before the update the game worked.
Do you have any solution for this problem.

PS: The name of the update spotrep #00024


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Maybe all the servers are still running on an older version?

Is the issue still present now?


are you still experiencing the issue?

Thank you.

I can add some info on that:
Since the recent update I'm unable to play multiplayer. What I found out so far:
I randomly get a serverlist once. After that mostly a nogo (no servers listed at all).
When trying to connect I get a connection failed message. Nothing more.
After such an attempt my browser lost internet connection. My voice-software (Skype or Teamspeak) still works.

Checking the router protocoll it gives me a log entry for "UDP Syn flooding" for randomly changing IP's. The message is
[UDP SYN FLOOD] : src dst
where src is my own computers local IP, while dst is an arma server
The router is an "Easybox 904 LTE".
Firewall is switched off in the router. No way to prevent that.

I chose a different internet connection (not enough bandwidth to play, but enough to test) with a different router - no problem at all.

It seems that pulling the list of available servers out there triggers such an UPD Syn flood alarm and I assume the router blocks that specific connection (somehow also affecting the browser, chrome in this case) without affecting voice connections.

This problem was not existant 14 days ago.

I hope for a fast fix 'cause until then I can't play anymore.

Edit: I assume quite a bunch of issues reported might be related to this problem like this one:

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Hello, thank you for detailed info. The information from the Steam server has to be downloaded by multiple queries and it looks like the router is detecting that and is triggering an alarm.
Could you please try to use GameSpy (click on Steam button at top right corner)? I'm guessing that will works fine.

Also, if you have any other MP games on Steam, could you please test if their browsers are working? It's important that they are using Steam API for matchmaking (basically anything from the Valve like TF2 or CS).

Addendum: I also tried the Steam-Button which at that time didn't work (I did no extensive tests.)
I also have to add that somewhere along the road the router automatically updated its firmware so it could as well be a problem not caused by Arma.
As a workaround I installed an old firmware and switched off DoS protection.
Works for me now.
When I have some spare time I will recheck the steam button deeper but that's probably not gonna happen within the next 4-5 days.

Follow up: Today we tried playing together via playing host and my teammates were unable to see me in the steamlist while they were able to see/join through the gamespy list. Joining via steam buddylist also failed where joining via gamespy worked.

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The problem is the router, not Arma. If you disable the firewall it will still block some outgoing traffic. I have the EasyBox 904 xDSL and the same problem. I worked out a workaround and documented it here: