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Zeus- speak through entity as alternative to posession
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It would be nice to see a more advanced way a Zeus can speak through a entity to the players. At the moment you have to posses a unit than go on direct communication and speak. This is realy nice but it takes time. Let's assume you have a scenario where you want to speak through several entitis in a short time span.. or you want to do something in "Godmode" while talking. This is not possible.

Therefore I suggest to add a speak through icon that can be placed on a entity only once. When in "Godmode" and in direct chat your voice is than transmited through this entity. Through dragging you can swap the entity you speak through. Creating a new Icon will delete the old one. If you however posses an entity the speak through modifier is disabled and you speak through the possesed entity instead.


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This is a really good idea! Assuming direct control of a unit just to speak through him can sometimes be impractical and take more time than the zeus can spend.

[Ignore comment, did not read issue]
Issue still not fixed despite being mentioned as fixed in

TFAR has a bug where Zeus is rendered as a entity and you can hear him in direct