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Allow for multiple graphics settings profiles
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Because ArmA's framerate relies heavily on graphics settings, it takes a lot of messing around with them to get steady performance, and because certain settings will increase as they are shifted onto the graphics card from the processor, this trial-and-error process can take quite a while, I propose we implement a system that allows for saved graphics settings profiles.

Because the changing of settings can be a hit or miss process (sometimes FPS will go up as a result of an upgrade, and down as a result of a downgrade), it would be nice to be able to save our standard setting, so that if you change lots of things and the fps goes down, you can revert to your standard setting. This way, you can experiment with settings as much as you like (setting everything to Ultra, setting everything to Standard), and no matter how much you mess it up, you can easily change back, instead of having to write a very long list of all your settings like I have done in the past.


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Upvoted, because Settings Presets (like in the controls menu) are very handy, especially if you plan to make presentation videos, cinematics, etc. 1-Click revert would be awesome!

yep. once I needed a sh*tload of screens for a video project, and I set everything to ultra. never quite got my old fps back.

This would also be very nice for changing settings quickly on the fly in a mission.

-Say you are observing from an hill and you want to sacrifice FPS for view distance. Quickly change to a preset you have made called e.g 'sniper'.

-Maybe next part of the mission is to move into a town, quickly change to your 'CQB' preset where you sacrifice video quality and view distance for max FPS.

-At the end of mission you want to take a team screen shot, select your 'max ultra settings' preset.

I tried to suggest this in the arma II forums way back, hope to see it finally implemented.
This type of presets would also be fantastic to have for us that change between one and three monitors, no need to set up every setting manually each time.