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Trigger will not fire when setting as CIV not present over a certain range
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When making a trigger that is set to CIV then NOT PRESENT over a certain range the trigger will fail to execute. {F23739}


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Steps To Reproduce

-Place a trigger with an area of 15 x 15 w/ condition as: this and on Activation as: ["TaskSucceeded",["","Secure and Extract the VIPs"]] call BIS_fnc_showNotification;
-Place a civilian unit within the area
-Kill unit -- trigger will fire with the popup

-Increase the trigger size to 50 x 50
-Kill unit -- trigger fails to fire

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thank you for submitting the ticket. I was unable to reproduce the problem in our conditions. Would it be possible to upload a simple repro mission on Stratis? It would help us a lot.

Thank you!

Mission uploaded for you. Trigger is set to 15 x 15 which will fire. When set to 50 x 50 trigger does not fire.

Also this ONLY happens when using CIVILIAN and NOT PRESENT. Works fine with BLUFOR and OPFOR.

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I have an idea, i've noticed under statistics during a mission: Buildings snakes counts as civilian casualties, maybe those are the responsible? :)

I think you sir have hit the nail on the head. Popped in and turned off the grass and killed the snakes. Trigger fired. Glad I'm not crazy.

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Glad i could help

Edit: Still feels like a bug though

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