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Make the Vehicle Performance Tool available for all
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As some of you know editing vehicle configs is a very time consuming process.
Sometimes the gearbox behaves weird in combination with other parts, but we have no idea why.

Thats when a tool liks this:
(alternate link: )

... will come handy.
That way we could search for bugs, errors or bad vehicle behaviour.
So please


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It is a must-have. Otherwise the community will not be able to make use of physx.

It is unreasonable to expect people to invest many tens up to hundred of hours for one vehicle just as they have to restart the game again and again, as well as have no real way to determine the state of things ingame.

Physx is already very complex by itself - the community needs the tools BI already has..

in today's dev branch changelog:

Added: arma3diag.exe (includes diagnostic tools, excludes MP)