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AMV-7 Marshall 40mm canon damage issue (edit CBA related)
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The damage on both ammo types of the 40mm canon are to low on soft targets and vehicles. The GPR-T round has no splash damage and will not even 1shot infantry if DIRECT hit (unless hs or throat) neither will it penetrate windshields of MRAPS (hunter or iffrit). Same issue is with the AP-rounds they also need multiple rounds on infantry but they actually penetrate MRAP windshields although the penetrating round is unable to kill passengers if hitting the head. Low damage performance is also given hitting engines and wheels on MRAPS with AP-rounds. 3 hits on engines with each GPR-T and AP could not kill the engine similar result on Tyres.

Edit: seems to be CBA check note 6


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Shoot the damn thing at anythig that is supposed be actually vulnerable against it
, which should be anything that is not a proper Tank I'd say

Edit: USE CBA beta 5

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Multiple rounds on infantry? I simply can't Reproduce this.

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Check version, difficulty, or just go editor and spawn soldiers to shoot at?
Have same thing on MP servers, also no splash on GPR-T is not right

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I tested it on verision in the editor.

All soldiers die after the first hit and all light armored vehicles explod after a few. It's truhe that the 40 mm canon can't penetrate the windshields or destroye
the weels of the MRAPS with the first shot.

Well i can easily reproduce that

on version 1.16.123633 (non-devbuild)
with CBA and Speedofsound mod

got more footage of this issue but its mp and its not as clear,
and what the hell is the purpose of GPR-T if no HEAT or some sort of HE?

edit: I did nothing to FF multiplier, but noticed it first on enemy Players first to begin with

tested it on enemy forces, same result

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Could you try it without any mods?

Well, that surely is a difference with CBA A3 beta 5 off, question is who needs that info about that bug now, alot of mods rely on CBA and alot of ppl use it

Splash is back to normal and damage too


thank you for submitting the ticket. I was unable to reproduce the issue on installation without mods.

Please note that mods are not official content from Bohemia Interactive and we cannot change them. Please contact creators of the mod and ask them to fix the problem on their side.

Thank you.


A3 Stable - No Mods: Unable to Reproduce
A3 Stable - CBA: Unable to Reproduce
A3 Stable - CBA + JSRS v2.1: Unable to Reproduce
A3 Stable - CBA + SpeedOfSoundv2: Reproducible

Other Notes:
With SpeedOfSoundV2, I also noticed no explosions on impact like you see in A3 - No Mods

The issues appears to be sourced in the SpeedOfSoundv2 mod.
However, the mod does sound good.

Well, that is kinda unexpected, luckily i know the dev of SOS thanks for the assistance

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