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Briefing module disappears when clicking on "OK"
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The briefing module is bugged. What I mean by that is that when we click on "OK" (so when we are done with the briefing), the module disappears. I don't know if the players can see it, but it disappears on Zeus' interface. Also, when clicking on "Cancel", the briefing module will stay on the map, but without any description (empty).

I uploaded a private video, to illustrate this issue:


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Steps To Reproduce

1- Load a mission with Zeus.
2- Go to the module tab
3- Create a briefing
4- Press "OK"
5- Create a new one, then press "CANCEL"

Additional Information

LAN server - Mission ZGM 16+2 (NATO)

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This is because the current technology doesn't allow editing existing briefing entries. The module reflects it by deleting the module after you confirm it.

We'd like to look at the briefing structure in the future, but I'm afraid this issue will have to remain until then.

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