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Zeus remote control artillery computer not working as intended (Artillery computer option still shows up)
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When remote controlling a unit in the gunner seat of an artillery vehicle and select a position to fire on the artillery computer and fire, it fires where it was pointing before it went into the computer.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play as Zeus
  2. Place any type of artillery
  3. Remote control the unit (switch to gunner seat)
  4. Go into Artillery Computer
  5. Place marker and fire
  6. Observe where it shot
  7. Notice it did not go where the marker was placed
Additional Information

This is the same issue as 0018307 but that was closed due to perhaps unclear title.
This is not a duplicate of 0017478.
I'm not saying you can't get into the computer, you can.
I'm saying that the computer is useless as the round doesn't travel to where you click on the computer as in the barrel/turret doesn't rotate to the direction or height, it stays in the same position.

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Just checked, it is indeed an issue. I made a video (not sure if that's really going to help, but it took me 10 minutes so, yeah : )

So problem was fixed and will be delivered to you as soon as possible ;)

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