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Moaning sounds everywhere.
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Since v1.14 I'm always hearing moans and groans like there is an injured solder somewhere nearby. Even on empty map in editor. I guess it is some ambient sound got mixed up with this "Aaargh-Uh-Ah".


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I think it's the new fatigue sounds.

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No it's not.

How do you know?

Maxyz added a comment.Apr 11 2014, 5:06 PM

It doesn't sound like fatigue - it sounds like someone is hurt. And it's not you who produse that sounds - they clearly come from different directions even when you're standing still.
You can hear it here -

Someone already made a ticket about the sounds coming from different directions while they were on the dev branch. I can't find it now, though.

Maxyz added a comment.Apr 11 2014, 5:34 PM

It reminds me of rabbits producing zombie groans in DayZ =).

+1 Noticed the same today just playing in editor

Yes I've noticed the distant moaning sounds...

It would be a great option to be able to turn off all the repetitive coughing and choking sounds, and leave only the breathing sounds.

Sounds fucking weird not sure what kind of drugs the devs are on anymore.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 6:23 PM

Yes, I've noticed this too - an "UURGGHH" sound. Bloody weird.

I've confirmed with execs at BIS it is a half-man-half-frog mating call.

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Those moaning sounds always appear, if you are fatigued. I think, its stupid. Nobody moans in pain like that while fatigued and BIS should fix it. Those sounds should only appear, if your player is wounded, but they also appear, if you are in great health.

Hello, can you please confirm that the moaning still persists on 1.16?

Thank you.

Maxyz added a comment.Apr 14 2014, 3:55 PM

Yes, it still persists on 1.16.

Cannot reproduce it after today's update

ceeeb added a comment.Apr 26 2014, 3:31 AM

This bug is still apparent in dev build 1.19.123962

Duplicate of #18148

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