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sometimes i lose sound in the left headphone channel while playing
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this happens to me on some multiplayer servers. and it happens to multiple players, not just me. (not at the same time though). mostly happens when playing in first person view. going into the lobby and respawning solves the problem.

--"also happening in editor missions while playing singleplayer, pausing and resuming fixes"

--"fixed after a game restart but happens and continues to happen whenever i join that specific game mode. (happens even in single player after disconnecting)"


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Steps To Reproduce

1-join a multiplayer game
2-play a while, preferably, get into a chopper
3-swith to first person while in the air
4-the sound in the left channel gets muted accompanied by a click sound
5-go back to lobby and respawn again, it gets fixed again accompanied by a click sound

Additional Information

-this happened to me on 2 different servers with 2 different gamemodes (one of them was samatra's king of the hill, the other was a zeus game)
-in king of the hill, everyone noticed the left channel problem. It happened to most of the guys at the same time, and apart from that, there were individual mutes too.
-in the zeus game, that only happened to me whenever i drove a car and switched to first person view.

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it is very hard to determine what is causing you trouble. It could be server side (incorrect scripting, performance or placement of modules).

Please, make sure you have the latest drivers installed. Also, for a start, please upload your rpt file.

You can find it here:
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you.

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Apparently, this was a problem caused when joined on that specific server and persisted throughout that session of play. (Fixed upon exiting and reopening the game). Now the server has fixed their problem. I think this issue can be closed now.

We had the same problem playing a custom mission combined with ZEUS.
It happened every time when you left a vehicle.

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