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Respawn template MenuPosition in 1.16 update broke my mission
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I am using the respawn template "menuposition" and was happy with the fact it didn't pop-up at the beginning of the mission.

Now the intro is hidden by the menu and also the mission stops because the script that I use to check if the player switched sides is confused (respawning player is civilian with "side player" and west or east with "playerSide").

I tried the respawnOnStart = 0 parameter in the description.ext file but this parameter has been apparently removed or maybe it is not working.


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Pls fix it brokes the mission!!! {9GU}

I can confirm it. It did break all missions at once :(

We definitely need the respawnOnStart parameter. The respawn dialog is pretty much unusable like this.

I have the same problem. My missions are broken now.

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Agree, very important bug.

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Please vote this up so devs will fix it sooner

After reviewing GLTLegislator's addon I understood a more simple solution is possible and tested it.

The function responsible for this mess is BIS_fnc_initRespawn. So all you need to do is change it like this:

  1. add this in description.ext

allowFunctionsRecompile = 1;

  1. add this to the init field of any unit/object you have in the mission

BIS_fnc_initRespawn = {true}

Duplicate of #14585