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Game crashes if you pause while flying an aircraft and try to Alt+Tab
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If you pause the game while you're flying the aircraft, then attempt to Alt+Tab out of the game, the game will crash.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor on Stratis
  2. Place the player as BLUFOR > NATO > Air > A-164 Wipeout and set special to Flying
  3. Preview
  4. Let the aircraft fly for 5 seconds
  5. Pause the game
  6. Alt+Tab out of the game
  7. The game will freeze and crash

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Hello Sniperwolf,

could you please confirm this behaviour on current Steam Stable or Steam Dev 1.16 and 1.18?

I was unable to reproduce it.

Thank you.

Current dev build: 1.19.123679 - Crashes with the repro steps (

Current stable build: 1.16.123633 - Crashes with the repro steps (

  • The Steam overlay is running
  • GPU drivers are NVIDIA GeForce drivers 337.50

Also to mention, with 1.19.123679, I don't even have to Alt+Tab out of the game anymore. Pausing the game will crash the game.

Ok, figured it out, there is another step. It has something to do with "currentZeroing player" in the watch fields

I had the following in the watch fields:

  • cursorTarget
  • currentZeroing player
  • "abcde"

Removing the "currentZeroing player" fixed the crash, putting it back, crashed the game again on pause, it crashes even when editing the watch field to type it in.

Executing it from the pause console while flying in the plane crashes the game as well, so it's not just the watch fields.

Thank you for finding this one. The repro steps worked (it seems that "currentZeroing player" is causing the crashes. Our programming team will look into it.


this issue has been fixed (locally) and should appear on Steam Dev in couple of days.

Thank you

Confirming as fixed in 123771

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