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Crashing at random in Wasteland by Sa-Matra (v11)
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I can play the map for hours, and suddenly the game crashes. Upon re-joining, it will start loading, but then crash again when the loading bar is almost all the way to the right. After waiting for a, seemingly, random period of time, I can start up the game and rejoin the server.

  1. This is not a heat issue.
  2. It is not an issue with my graphics card driver. Switching driver, to a beta driver, made no difference.

Things I have tried:

  1. Deleting all ArmA 3 files in my Windows user profile directory (appdata and Documents).
  2. Restarting Steam.
  3. Changing around graphics settings.
  4. Updating my graphics driver from latest WHQL to latest beta.

Added 10/04-2014:

  1. Upon verifying the Steam cache integrity, it did say that one file failed a check, and that it would be re-downloaded. This made no difference. {F23668}


Legacy ID
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start game.
  2. Go to Multiplayer.
  3. Set mission filter "sa-matra".
  4. Join WS.ARMA.SU - Altis Wasteland by Sa-Matra (v11) UK # 2 hosted by Inch.
  5. Play for a random period of time, ranging from instant crashing to a whole evening without one crash.
Additional Information

Here are my crash reports:!pshgHRST!33D8fI5Q1io7CswmcqsazWXwNzPP19WF-qyp9yPgoJI

Added 10/04-2014:
Lots of other players, is having the same problem as I am, with that particular mission. When I get a crash, so does around 10 other players. Subsequently, more and more people are getting the crash, rendering them completely unable to join the server. I know this, because I have a few friends playing on the same server, but they usually don't get the crashes. I say "usually", because they did get the crashes one evening, where they were unable to join that server for a couple of hours. Usually, you only have to wait for 10-20 minutes before you can connect to the server again. Last night, though, I tried for a couple of hours but to no avail. A server restart will also solve the problem. By logical deduction, that should rule out my own computer as the culprit. Is my logic flawed?

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For the programmers:
Please do not blame the mission. A badly made mission shouldn't be able to crash the game. The game is not programmed in freakin' Java.

could possibly be the server. Having a very bipolar/unpredictable computer, I know what you mean. Before you try anything else, try a restart of your computer. 7/10 times it fixes it for me. If it still isn't fixed, shut down your computer, leave it for 3-5 minutes (to let all its electronics discharge), and start it back up again and try again. If it STILL doesn't work, try verify integrity/reinstall, etc. Also, be sure you don't have a memory leak. My friend will sometimes notice that after a while, the CPU usage will go up to 100%, no matter what they are doing (even on menus) which causes crashes, etc.


thank you for submitting your ticket. From the rpt you sent it is clear that you run your Arma with some parameters. Could you please try to erase them for the next crash test? It would help our programmers to find the problem faster.

Also, do these crashes appear on other maps/servers than Wasteland? Have you try benchmarking your hardware?

Thanks also to the Demongod for useful tips.

the Demongod: It should not matter how the server is configured; it should never, ever crash the client. Also, my computer is most definitely not unstable. ArmA 3, and this mission in particular, is the only game I've got any problems with recently. I've played Metro: Last Light all the way through, and am currently playing Thief, and I've had no issues with either. Metro: LL was set to stress my computer to the absolute max, and Thief is running with highest settings.

BIS Iceman: I only set those parameters, to see if I could do something about the crashes. They have no effect, on the crashes, whatsoever.

The crashes does not appear to happen on any other maps out there. I've only tried like 3 or 4 of them though.

I can do any of the big known benchmarks out there. I have yet to see a BSoD on my computer.

In my 20+ years of using computers, ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 have given me the biggest problems. Well, there were a couple of contenders on the Commodore 64, but I'll be fair to myself, and not consider them in this case...

I'll update the issue, to reflect what else I've tried since yesterday. There's new information, that should rule out that it's my computer that's doing something wrong.

Could you please verify that this still happens once the 1.16 update is out (should be today)?

Also, I would like to ask to write updates in the notes so it is more clear to see the development of the investigation.

Thank you.

BIS Iceman: I was hoping todays update would fix the problem, but it has not; situation remains unchanged.

I would send you the mission file, but I don't think you can use it for anything, without the server scripts, right?

Thanks for the info. I actually experienced same thing with crashes on my newly released mission "King of the Hill by Sa-Matra" - after random amount of play time game crashes and if you try to join same server again, it keeps crashing until server restarts. This happened for me just once out of all my play time with the mission, but I also heard same reports from other players. Apparently mission does something that triggers client-side crash. Looking at same functionality that I use in both King of the Hill and Wasteland I can't see anything that could possibly cause a crash, especially something that crashes you once after some play time and keeps crashing until server resets.

This is also occurring for me in wasteland. I cannot even connect to the server with out receiving application errors or physx errors. I will post them if it helps.


could you please create another ticket regarding your issue?

Thank you.

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