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Non-local ragdolls appear at [0,0,0] if their owner is far away from the ragdoll
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Non-local ragdolls sometimes appear at [0,0,0], apparently it happens at the moment when ragdoll owner changes ragdoll state from ragdoll state to static animation state ("deadstate" animation). Bug has been happening since early versions of ArmA 3.

Repro mission and video attached. {F23660}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached ragdoll_at000_repro.Stratis mission with 2 players
  2. Player 2 (Client) respawns
  3. Wait until body stops moving and enteres rest state for both players
  4. Observe that hint reports proper PositionASL for the corpse
  5. Player 2 (Client) selects "Teleport to island" action
  6. Player 1 (Server) selects "Teleport to island" action, wait about 10 seconds
  7. Player 1 (Server) selects "Teleport to airfield" action
  8. Body should disapper moments after Player 1 teleports back
  9. Observe that body is now near [0,0,0] coordinate in the hint
  10. Player 1 (Server) selects "Teleport to [0,0,0]" action
  11. Observe that ragdoll is bugged at [0,0,0]

Video: (Host point of view)

Additional Information

This bug sometimes doesn't reproduce and you have to try it all over again. It usually does than doesn't so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Additionally notice that player stucks in swimming animation sometimes after teleporting in and out of water

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Your mission and repro is absolutely accurate (special thanks). I reproduced the problem and will push it to our program department.

Have a nice day.

this should be fixed on Steam Dev rev. 125350 and higher, can you please confirm?
Thank you very much.

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