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Maximum achievable horizontal speed during freefall way too low
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If you're HALO jumping and increase your horizontal velocity you cannot get faster than 55/56 km/h for some weird reason.

Horizontal Speeds of 170-190km/h should be achievable. {F23650} {F23651}


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Halo jump in the Editor.
Gain forward momentum.
Watch the speed.

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It should be possible to reach near Real Life Horizontal Velocities (170-190km/h during free fall) when HALO jumping, so you can actually get some use out of HALO jumps when approaching no fly/aerial denial zones.

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Uploaded 2 screenshots, in Arma2 you could reach speeds up to 270km/h+

Still an issue in 1.22.

What's the current standing on this?
Would make para insertions more viable since you can cover some ground when inserting from greater altitudes when not being limited to 55km/h.

This appears to still be waiting for a permanent fix. However, I've noticed it's temporarily fixed when initiating a jump with BIS_fnc_halo which increases the ground 'tracking' speed to 220 km/h.

The documentation on this function is a little light, but this works for me: '[_unit, _altitude] call BIS_fnc_halo'. It needs to be run locally.