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ATV explosion damage too great
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Today I observed that the ATV destruction explosion has equivalent or slightly greater force compared to a Hunter destruction explosion.

Given the fuel tank sizes in each vehicle it would be safe to expect 1/6 the damage be dealt by the ATV, however this is not the case. {F23614}


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Game Physics
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Attached is a mission that can demonstrate the situation. Use the bobcat to ram things until they explode, observe the damage dealt to be bobcat.

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In the mission there are 4 bobcats demonstrating issues related to this ticket. Drive them to the end of the lane and ram the object in front of you until it explodes. Observe damage.

There is a hole in the wall near the end of each lane with transportation to get back to the other bobcats.

One of the lanes is not related to this ticket, but it demonstrates a issue with the walls making the bobcat stand on its nose or get stuck.

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I think related, I found that a tank running over one of the new karts, when pushed against a barrier, will explode and destroy the tank. I have a video:
Certainly the kart should not explode at all, and even so it shouldn't cause much damage to a tank. Conversely, when running over karts on open ground, I could not cause any explosions or fires, only when it hits a barrier like a curb in the video.

This has been open for 3 months, but has not been addressed. This should be a quick fix.

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Related to #6699, #17445, #10763

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Then, you need 3 NLAW to detroy kart ..

Should be fixed in current dev branch version.