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Handledamage never stops reporting
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I have mentioned this before but only as part of another report, I think I should give it it's own thread.

If you add the handledamage event handler to an aircraft when that vehicle crashes the event handler can fire continuously, depending on what your doing with the event handler this can be a massive performance hit.

If the vehicle crashes or is destroyed on land it's doesn't always do it but over water it never fails. It only seems to happens to aircaft. {F23602} {F23603} {F23604}


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place this code in an empty heli and set the height to 100 meters and let it fall.

xx=0;this addEventHandler ["handledamage",{hint format ["Air counter %1",xx];xx=xx+1 }]

Try it over land and then water or just down load the mission and let it run

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It also happens if it's shot down and has a crew, I did it with no crew as it was easier to reproduce.

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Can confirm this. Its also true for vehicles.
The problem seems to be that physx / interaction with the terrain now triggers HD.

Problem should be fixed in r. 123883

Helicopter under water was constantly taking damage from water although it was already dead.

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It does seem fixed over water but it's still happening when crashing on land.
It's more difficult to see and the chopper needs to destroyed before it happens.

Can confirm what F2k Sel says.

Adjusted demo mission attached that shows destroyed chopper still trigger HD constantly.
It appears a turned over chopper trigger from the rotors.

Also attached a second demo mission.

  1. You can see the alive chopper trigger HD constantly from contact with a tree (again rotors most likely)
  2. You can use the tank nearby to kill the other tank nearby and observe the HD still trigger on impact even the tank is destroyed.

Now one could argue one has to remove the HD handler yourself when a vehicle is destroyed.

Wasn't able to get a repro for constant damage by fire or movement friction from physx.
Could be fixed meanwhile but probably just needs different circumstances.