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Add new commands for getting and setting text cursor position in EditBox dialog controls
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This request is about the text cursor position (see attached textcursor.png) - not the mouse cursor position.

There's currently no way to get/set the current text cursor position in EditBox dialog controls (

getter Syntax:
ebCursor ctrl
and alternative syntax:
ebCursor idc

ctrl: Control
idc: Number - ID of the control

Returns: Number

  • 0 - text cursor at start
  • 1 - text cursor between element 0 and 1
  • ...
  • count (toArray (ctrlText _ctrl)) - text cursor at end

setter syntax:
ctrl ebSetCursor pos
and alternative syntax:
ebSetCursor [idc,pos]

ctrl: Control
pos: Number - text cursor position
idc: Number - ID of the control {F23598}


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text cursor position is preserved when using <Tab> to switch between controls so the commands should work on controls without focus, too

instead of setting and getting just the text cursor position (as number), an array [from, to] could be used to get/set the start/end-position of selected text, too
[0,1] - element 0 selected
[1,1] - no selection, cursor between element 0 and 1
[0,2] - element 0 and 1 selected
nowadays with the extended select syntax (... select [from, length])
an array in the form [from, length] would be more suitable to get/set the selection position
[0,1] - element 0 selected
[1,0] - no selection, cursor between element 0 and 1
[1,2] - element 1 and 2 selected

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There is a way

Use setMousePosition to set the position

Getting the position can be achieved using mouseMoving / mouseHolding UI event handlers added to the display (adding it to a control will return relative coordinates, not absolute ones)

The request is not about setting the mouse position on the screen, but to set/get the cursor char position in the string entered in a text control.

This feature will be great. It will allow to finish my "multi line text editor" implementation requested here :

ok, I've added a picture and some text to clarify my request.

master85 asked me to re-open it ...

+1 Essentially the last two commands that are missing for creating an EH that handles the enter key as a line break.

I would really like to see this implemented, would be extremely useful.

count (toArray (ctrlText _ctrl)) - text cursor at end

this will not work with non ASCII texts