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add script command to set/return the license plate of a civilian vehicle
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There's already a randomization for license plates of civilian vehicles in the game.
It would be great (and probably not too much of an effort) to add script commands to allow mission makers to make custom license plates / return the current license plates on a vehicle.
Something like getLicensePlate or setLicensePlate would be good. {F23585}


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Try to retrieve a civilian vehicles license plate with scripting or try to give it a custom license plate.

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Just did some further testing, if you spawn civilian vehicle mid mission they won't have any license plates at all.

Would it be possible to save the license plate of a vehicle via setvariable "BIS_fnc_licenseplate" or similar?

It could work the same way like setting the go-karts numbers:
this setVariable ['number', XX];

This would be a neat little feature.

Sheeps added a subscriber: Sheeps.May 7 2016, 6:17 PM

This would be really nice to customize.

Any further input on this?
Would be nice to have for certain missions (only get the vehicle license plate as hint where to find a target etc.)

+1 looks like it is hardcoded, so there is no way to have control over it.

From the looks this seems to be assigned now,
in hope that a funtion for it will be implemented, is it by any means possible to make vehicles that are being spawned mid-mission to have working numberplates aswell?


Still the case in 1.46 stable branch.

JasonO added a subscriber: JasonO.Jul 29 2016, 11:54 PM

@DarkDruid - has any work been considered with this type of command? Pushing my luck but any more in perhaps making the plate being definable on it's creation?
I'm looking back at the issue many years after I looked into it to see if any advancements has been made.
Many thanks :)

Nothing new here in 1.64.

This would be a great addition for mission makers.

Any chance of this ever going to happen?

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KK's thingy seems to read the data directly from engine memory. You could probably also write to that using an extension.. Or a very simple script command.

Seems to be implemented in current devbranch.
Thanks for that!


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