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H Barrier not aligned
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When we make for example a magnificent square of H barriers , we expect to see this magnificent square in the game, but when we preview, it's the chaos,it's totally moved and illogical.

"Hello i'm a very beautifull square !"

"Oh no ! I'm the chaos !"


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Windows 7
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Make a line of barrier H in the Editor and see by yourself.

Additional Information

It's for normal H Barrier.

+Sorry for my English i'm french. :3

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If it were only for the HBarrier... Most objects and buildings on the map are extremely innacurate and if you want to do basebuilding in the 2D editor you need to waste more than 1 hour just to get everything right...

I vote keep objects (not infantry) the same size they are on the map as in the game, same scale... So you need to zoom in to actually move them precisely and you don't get a "cluster****" when you zoom out rendering you nearly unable to move anything!

Also, if you could get the map objects right that be nice, even harder than setting up a square of HBarrier is aligning objects such as tables and smaller ones such as cans and laptops in place inside a house...

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Solved by Eden Editor.

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