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Steam master server doesn't show yellow/red circles when servers are incompatible with your mods
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Usually on the gamespy server list, you can tell which servers accept your mods and which don't if they have a green/yellow circle or if they have a red one.

On the steam master server they're all green and if you enter them you might be kicked for having unauthorised mods. I'd like this to be reflected in the game browser too.


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I'm looking into it, unfortunately the space available for each session on Steam servers is quite limited to store all mod hashes and signatures. I'll try to find a way to make it work.

Hi George,
I'd suggest two ways to do it:
1.crop the hashes at first 32 or 64 bits. Hashes retain their "randomness" property even in cropped form. This may increase probability of false positive, but we still have a signature check upon join. 2^32 is not good enough for crypto, but certainly is for rough mod check.
2.Encode hashes in Base64 instead of Hex - 4x space saving.

These approaches may be combined.

Resolved according to todays DEV changelog.

I've managed the find 256 characters for mod hashes and another 256 for signatures so Steam browser should be able to check both and adjust the icon accordingly. From what I've found that GS used max of 200 characters, so it could be considered an upgrade.

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