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cursorTarget Failing Indoors
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This bug happened initially with 1.12, and was quickly hotfixed within a day or two. Now with 1.14, it's back EXACTLY as it was before.

cursorTarget cannot read properly inside buildings. You'll get the building targeted if there is, for example, a crate inside of it. There are other issues that come from this bug, too.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place an item inside a house and try to get it with cursorTarget. It works usually if you can angle it so you have an open window or something behind the object.

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I can't reproduce this issue. Could you make video or repro mission for this issue? Thank you.

Pretty easy to reproduce. Place a crate in a house, run hint str cursorTarget and you'll see it's hard as hell to target that crate.

it works fine in latest stable version on Steam. I tried on both islands. We need repro mission for reproduce this and I need your .rpt file. Rpt file is here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Start game
Play until you will have this issue
Check folder with .rpt and attach here .rpt file with latest date in name
Thank you.


could you please confirm that it is still issue for you?

I will be closing this ticket otherwise.

Thank you.

Closing then.