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FIXED: No healing animation plays if the player with pistol equipped gives first aid to another unit
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When the player has a pistol equipped, and tries to give first aid to another unit, no healing animation plays. The unit gets instantly healed and the first aid kit is consumed.

The player should play a healing animation, as occurs when they heal themselves with pistol equipped.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a new mission in the editor.
  2. Place a "Squad leader" (or other unit with a pistol) as the player.
  3. Place another unit as AI (does not need to be in the players group).
  4. Preview mission.
  5. Switch to pistol.
  6. Shoot AI in the legs, without killing them.
  7. Go to the AI and give first aid. Note the player jumps/snaps to their location, and they are instantly healed without any animations.

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For clarity, it does not matter what the source of damage is (MX rifle or pistol). The most important fact is that the pistol is equipped while trying to heal the other soldier.

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What does "reviewed" mean?

That means, I find it a well-written ticket.

I tried this on the latest dev-branch (1.39.129084) and it seems to be fixed. But when I heal someone while holding no weapons at all, the healing is instantaneous and there is no animation

ceeeb added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 4:16 AM

Confirm issue fixed in build 1.54, even when player has no weapons at all.