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lean left handgun walk animation error : rifle not following the unit
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animation "AadjPercMwlkSrasWpstDf_left" is incorrect: soldiers assault rifle is not moving with the unit.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. as a soldier, switch to handgun
  2. lean left (stance modifier + left = left sidestep)
  3. press shift and _walk_ forward
  4. note that the rifle on your back stays where it is while you go forward.
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still present in 1.18 ;-)

still present in 1.20 =( any news on it?

Apache7 added a subscriber: Apache7.May 7 2016, 6:10 PM

Bloody hell BIS, its a default anim set and its no longer alpha...

It took longer to fix the damn config for this than to rekey the rifle in the animation.

Anyway while we wait, feel free to use this replacement. It has no bugs in it, no RPT errors since RTM is cleaned up from unneeded bones, config only contains required dependencies for this single anim so it shouldn't interfere with anything else.

still present in 1.26.126789...

still present in 1.30, 1.32, 1.33.127735...!

aaand in 1.41.129399 as well.

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X39 added a comment.Feb 20 2015, 8:09 PM

as far as i know
its an issue caused by mods
never faced it in pure vanilla arma tbh

I have to go against your statement as I encounter it 100% times in vanilla.

Repro steps:

  1. as a soldier, switch to handgun
  2. lean left
  3. _walk_ forward
  4. note that the rifle on your back stays where it is while you go forward.

*walking* forward with *handgun* while *leaning left* and *standing up* <- these are all the needed steps, and I get the result for sure. I even checked the install w/ Steam to be sure...

please give it another try, and give me the feedback?

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Just tested it and I can confirmed 100 % reproduce-able in vanilla. However you have to sidestep (stance adjust + left) while standing, then lean left and move forward. Steps to reproduce should be updated.

If you lean left or right after doing a sidestep left does not matter.


  • Stand up
  • Switch to sidearm
  • Perform sidestep left (stance adjust)
  • lean left OR right
  • walk forward

--> watch main weapon stay behind, it will warp back every few steps taken

updated from "lean left" to "lean left (stance modifier + left = left sidestep)" :-)
Thank you for your feedback (and your vote!)

seems fixed in 1.43dev (maybe even in 1.42) !!

EDIT: fixed in 1.42

Thanks, marking resolved.