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Game Logic OR waypoints DO NOT WORK
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Game logic can have two types of waypoints, AND and OR. The Wiki says:

AND: Only available for groups on the Game Logic side. This waypoint will not complete until all waypoints it is synchronized with have been completed.

OR: Only available for groups on the Game Logic side. This waypoint will complete when any one of the waypoints it may be synchronized with has been completed.

In general, though, they work with triggers as well as waypoints (verified to work in Arma 2)

In Arma 3, OR waypoints always immediately fire regardless if any of the synchronized triggers or waypoints were activated or not. {F23448}


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Load the attached mission into the Editor. There are three game logics, two of them synchronized to radio triggers, while the third is synchronized to the end waypoints of the first two.

Expected: Once any of the radio triggers is fired, the appropriate game logic moves to its final waypoint, thus finishing that waypoint. Since the condition is OR, either of the two should be sufficient to trigger the third game logic's waypoint.

Observed: The game logic's waypoint triggers immediately, without waiting for either of the synchronized waypoints to finish.

Now go back to the editor and change the waypoint to AND. Observe in game how the waypoint now behaves correctly by requiring both game logic entities to finish their respective waypoints.

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Problem is still present in 1.20.


This last week Finding now; that the "Load" Way-point the helicopter hovers 10m up & will not land. Also "Seek & Destroy" helicopter or vehicles just sits at way-point will not move again..