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Vehicle texture sets for each side: BLUFOR (NATO), OPFOR (CSAT), Independent (AAF, FIA)
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I suggest to supply all vehicles with texture sets for each side: BLUFOR (NATO), OPFOR (CSAT), Independent (AAF, FIA). This is already partly implemented as there are NATO and AAF textures for Strider (see attached strider.jpg), CSAT and AAF textures for PO-30 Orca (see attached ka60.jpg) as well as other vehicles. Yes, AAF having hi-tech vehicles like AH-99 Blackfoot doesn't go well with ArmA 3 lore but the main reason for this feature is flexibility for mission designer, this will greatly increase practical usefulness of splendid work that modelers and designers did when making vehicles for ArmA 3.

Album with paint jobs for other factions: {F23426} {F23427} {F23428} {F23429}


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Agree. Upvoted.

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indeed, upvote.

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Seems logical. Upvoted.

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Why not. Upvoted.

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downvoted, all factions should be different

We need this, please!

Cenwulf added a subscriber: Cenwulf.May 7 2016, 6:08 PM

100% agree, would really like to see this implemented.

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More texture options are always welcome.

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All the textures on the attached screenshots are leftovers from the time when all the factions used different tech.

The textures are just bonuses, left there by BIS to help modders and make their life easier. But no, they can't accept this generous "gift" from BIS, they just want more.

If the texture files are still present buried in the game folder simply making them officially supported allowing less script savvy mission makers access to them in the editor by default would still be very much appreciated.

But that's not what the ticket is about.

Upvoted. The more content, the better.

I too would like to see all textures available for all vehicles.