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ALL factions have FIA player loadouts
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Sometimes when playing Zeus the GREEN FOR and OP FOR load outs have the FIA faction in them, it has been completely random and normally shows up after some blufor FIA classes have been selected.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce

play zeus

use loadout editor

select some fia classes

check other factions

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I'm afraid I'm unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more exact repro?

play zeus

What does this mean? Some specific mission? Editor? A custom mission?

select some fia classes

You mean in BLUFOR tab?

check other factions

Immediately? Or after clicking OK and returning?

I was a bit tired when i put this up, Let me clear things up

Play zeus Game master

FIA classes in Blufor

After awhile when players start spawning in as said classes, then check the other factions

It seems to have cleared up now though, it was only happening on the first day you added them back to blufor

Ok, setting to resolved. Thanks for info.

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