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Trailer & Vehicle Towing
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I am pleading to the BI developers to finally place in the proper function of towing, just like VBS (attachchild script command). I know the ARMA engine can support it, we just need the function to be added.

Many other mod developers and I can see countless benefits for adding this in such as:

Vehicle Towing - [If a vehicle is damaged or out of fuel you can still make the vehicle mobile]
Trailer Towing -[Double your vehicle inventory, 2 instead of 1. Double the amount of people you may transport. Transport marine vessels across the map on a trailer etc.]

The "Attach to, setDir/setpos loops" scripts are not sufficient in creating an accurate towing simulation for multi-player as it is too jerky and does not have the smooth transitions as in VBS's tow function.


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The Wiki for VBS has the script command we just need this in ARMA 3.

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I'm sure there was a Towing function in the earlier releases of A3 but It vanished quickly before I'd taken a look at it, so I can't say if it was a real or fake (simple attachto) towing function.

Wasn't this also a confirmed feature of A3.

Yes, although the confirmed features list was posted by a Global Moderator on the forum, so I'm not sure how legitimate that list actually was.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 6:06 PM

yes, I'm quite sure, that I saw they were going to add, it too arma 3 but they kinda hid it from view.
I would love real articulation in Arma 3, It would add lot of good mod support and the ability to tow logistic for Military mission.

Peter added a comment.Mar 15 2014, 7:57 PM

Waiting for this long time ago...

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 6:06 PM

Everything "confirmed" before Beta will likely either never make it into the game or be in a future DLC.

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Also add the joint commands, so many uses not just towing.

Hey BIS Iceman, I appreciate you assigning and reviewing this feature, can you please elaborate what is actually being reviewed? It seems rather vague.

Cheers, Matt.


I have assigned the ticket to myself so I can recieve notifications when a new note is added. "Reviewed" means that the ticket has been read by the developer and accepted as feedback from the community.

Hope this clears things up, Cheers!

Peter added a comment.Apr 24 2014, 3:57 PM

Thanks for the info Iceman, much appreciated!

Especially (but not only) all the altis life and other life mod players would really benefit from this feature. And looking at the serverlist it seems like thats a major group of players

+1 for towing. It's a MUCH NEEDED FEATURE ! ! !

Everyone would benefit from towing vehicles... think of towable howitzers like the m119, or towing vehicles on an aircraft carrier.

This is a war simulation game.. is it not?
This feature is a large part of what happens within the military
Please add this feature

such a shame that they refuse to add this feature.

It's discouraging for them to take so long to add such a basic function that is highly critical to combat ops.

But it's taken over a year for them to add tow lines to helicopters, and the ability to gun from moving vehicles. So here's to HOPING that ground vehicle TOW capability (with physics) are next on the horizon!!!

Still hoping! :)