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initplayserver.sqf - argument player:object isn't submitted every time for JIP players
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I'm using initplayerserver.sqf to track login of players. The argument (player:object) isn't submitted anymore each time. Seems to work only now and then since last update.


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using this line to track this:

_unit = _this;
diag_log format["arguments: %1",_unit];

Affects only JIP players as my headless client works every time.
btw. argument: JIP works every time.

result in server log
"arguments: [<NULL-object>,true]"

Additional Information

Before it has been submitted each time a player has joined the mission or moving back to the lobby and join the mission again.
No problems occured till

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What server is the mission running on? Hosted, Windows dedicated or Linux dedicated?

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windows dedicated, with headless client running.

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No probs anymore since update 1.14

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