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Give the Slammer UP a 120mm Cannon and rename it "M2A4 Slammer TUSK"
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Because there is literally no difference in-game and it doesn't make sense anyways, please swap the UP's 105mm Cannon to a 120mm Cannon. It makes no sense why you'd change the cannon to be of a lower calibre.

Also, just because personally, I think it sounds better, I think you should change the tank's name to "M2A4 Slammer TUSK".

Thank you.


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I'd say, remove the Slammer UP altogether, and add the commander gun to the regular Slammer.

The A4-UP fills a different niche than the A1. Its an infantry support vehicle, while the A1 is an MBT that happens to be able to transport infantry. It should be regarded more like an IFV in this regard.

It would be a more valid option to delete the Slammer UP from the game and instead mount a 105mm cannon on the Marshall chassis.

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Is this a feature request?

There's nothing wrong with the UP besides the choice for a 105mm being a bit odd since it's outdated for the time period.

However, a properly configured 105mm gun is a big help for modders that want to make additional content. A lot of tanks used this caliber weapon.

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The model for BOTH Slammers has a 105mm gun in any case. I agree that both vehicles should use a 120mm gun as the 105mm would be woefully underpowered in the timeframe ARMA3 is set in.

Failing that, add the .50cal RCWS to the regular Slammer.

Now, Slammer have 120mm Cannon

@Astaroth may be close this ticket?

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